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Lawn Care Tips

How-To For Zoysia and Bermuda Grass

  1. De-thatch ONLY Emerald Zoysia lawn with a motorized de-thatcher, if established and very thick.
    De-thatching is rarely necessary on other Zoysia or Bermuda. (Blue Bird or Ryan, available for rental)
  2. Take off all thatch with a hand rake.
  3. Low Cut lawn with a "Reel Type" mower down to at least 1/2" above the soil, 3/4" on sod less than one season old. (This will require several passes over the the lawn, catching the clippings.)
  4. Edge the lawn where it joins driveways, sidewalks, flowerbeds, or street.
  5. If lawn is not level or smooth, now is the time to have it professionaly sanded or top dressed.
  6. Fertilize the lawn with a "time-release" fertilizer (Scott's Turf Builder, etc.).
  7. Water if necessary.
  8. Maintain the lawn at a height of 3/4" to 1 1/2" on a weekly basis. You may choose to raise your cutting height slightly throughout the season. Lawn may have to be cut as often as every 3 days in the wettest Summer months to prevent yellowing, from being shaded from the sun.

Download A Turf Management Plan

*This "Low-Cut" procedure is critical and essential to establish a putting green or striped look to turf grass. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a patchy, brown appearance to the lawn in the late summer. You must "Low-Cut" the lawn to a lower height than you plan to keep it throughout the season. Your lawn greens up from the roots each season. Last years dormant grass must be removed.

*Reel Mowers must be sharpened and serviced every year after this low cut procedure.

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